About Me

My work is driven by my obsession with
understanding how your customer thinks.

Hi. I’m Lin – an independent marketing consultant based in Toronto, Canada. And I specialize in copywriting and user experience (UX).

I’m obsessed with trying to figure out how your customer/user thinks.

I like to really dive in deep and figure out your customer’s thought process, understand what they’re trying to achieve and WHY, and what questions in their head need to be answered before they take action: buy, click, sign-up, download, etc.

I’ve developed a good eye for identifying and improving weaknesses in the overall process or message.

My ability to think in a lot of different perspectives, comes from my mixed background of technical writing, proposal writing, web design, SEO, online marketing, and civil engineering.

Copywriting and UX are my biggest passions in life. So I’m always happy to connect with new people and discuss your projects, with zero pressure to work with me.

Feel free to email me at WritingThatConverts@gmail.com